Breaking Bad – An absolute masterpiece

A brilliant TV show that put his mark on modern television.




Pandorum – A great but unknown SF survival

Pandorum is part of those great SF/horror flicks that unfortunately never got the success they deserved. I don’t like that, so here’s  a critic that will make you want to see it !



Elysium – A Social Fable by Neill Blomkamp

4 years after the EXTRAORDINARY Discrict 9 (I want to emphasize on the « EXTRAORDINARY »), South African director Neill Blomkamp delivers another beautiful science fiction film with several levels of meaning, however, is it as good as the EXTRAORDINARY (I’ll stop here) District 9 ?



The World’s End – The Best Comedy of 2013

After Shaud of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are reunited by Edgar Wright in this last installment of the brilliant « Cornetto Trilogy ».



Man of Steel – Superman Begins ?

Produced by Christopher Nolan (Amen !) and directed by Zack Snyder, Man of Steel was expected to be a reborn of the Superman myth. A difficult task therefore emerged to ensure a clean slate from the disappointing Superman returns back in 2006.